Thursday, August 20, 2009


Thinking it's time for something kinda funny, and although I would usually post something like this on my fitness blog, I think those here may get a kick out of it as well...

Check out the photo in this link

The guy on the right is one Dave Zabriskie. He's a Utah native and pro cyclist. He did really well in the Tour de France this year, and is racing as a solo rider in the Tour of Utah this week. He blew by me on Monday while I was out walking, and I can vouch for the fact that he is freakin' fast!!!

There is some controversy around this photo though, aside from the object of the dude on the lefts attention. DZNuts is a cycling product which was designed for Dave to protect the tender parts of the anatomy from the rigors of cycling. DZNuts - protection for Dave Zabriskie's Nuts - Ha ha ha!!

Anyway, the controversy is actually the fact that he race in his Garmin/Slipstream race kit, but then wore a different race kit for the awards (he finished 2nd in the prologue). He'll likely have to pay a $500 fine, but I think the advertising is worth it - I'm even wondering if I should try some DZNuts for the UK!


  1. That's a controversy? Why? It doesn't seem very controversial to change your clothes after a race. Does it have to do with the ads on the outfit?

    I like the name of the product. It's an honest name.

  2. I like it too!!

    I guess UCI rules state you have to stay in the same clothes for the awards ceremony.

    Probably some old guy who though up the rule and is going to make sure it's enforce Gosh Dang It!!!