Wednesday, August 19, 2009

From both sides of the debate...


  1. I gotta admit that was pretty funny, and a well-formed bit at that(can you tell I live my life in xml?).

  2. I would have been the highlight of my night... Had he not followed it with Rachel McAdams...

    Mmmmmm... Rachel McAdams!!

  3. Is it bad that I have no idea who Rachel McAdams is?

    Probably the fact that I eat, sleep and breathe xml explains the lack of pop culture savvy.

  4. Dude!!!!

    Lead Female of The Notebook
    Lead Female in The Wedding Crashers (Owen Wilsons Love interest)
    Lead Female in The Time Travellers Wife...

    You can click through to her IMDB page on the right of my blog under the Hot Babe Trifecta.

  5. So basically what you're saying is that it was an excellent episode of the Daily Show:)