Monday, August 17, 2009

5/12th's of an IronMan

It's been a long weekend... I'm planning on writing more, but, here's a teaser to whet your appetite...

Friday - hectic day, finally got ready to leave for Provo about 3 hours later than planned. Alternator in our van gave out halfway there, so wife and kids spent the night at grandma's and I got to spend a night alone in the hotel.

Saturday - My first half Iron Man Triathlon... Everything looked good until 2 minutes till the start when the wind started. Swim got postponed for almost an hour and then halved. Bike went ok, except for the wind - good going out, rough coming back. Run Rocked!!! As my brother said... With the shortened swim, I'm about 5/12ths of an IronMan now - but damn it... The 70.3 sticker is going on my Van TONIGHT!!

Sunday - Spent the morning fixing the alternator in the van. Spent the afternoon driving around Antelope Island (We needed an excuse to help the battery get recharged!!) and then toured the ranch out their too.

Those of you who live in Utah will appreciate this...

Nothing beats the feeling of being able to tour an historical location, and not get asked for referrals at the end of it!!!!!


  1. Those of us who live outside of Utah appreciate those of you who live inside not giving our name and address to the people who ask for referrals.

    Good on you for the successful completion of your trial, weather be damned.

  2. Thanks!

    It's kind of sad, but due to the whole referral thing, we no longer visit historical sites owned by the LDS Church. They're interesting and all, but then you get to the end, you've got 5 kids all bored out of their minds, going crazy, and then some old lady who lays the guilt on super thick and won't let you leave until you give her a name and address.

    Of course as my wife pointed out... A simple "Why would I refer a friend to a church isn't true?" might well stop the inquisition, but at that point, they might switch into "rescue the lost sheep" mode.

    Better just to stick to the government owned ones I'm thinking!

  3. Oh the stories I could tell... Just remembered the last time we actually went to one of these places... It was temple square, and one of the sisters received a revelation on our behalf, that our children would all remain active in the Church throughout their lives, due to our extreme faithfulness... She looked really pissed when we would give her a name after that gem!

  4. Why would I refer a friend to a church isn't true?


    I'll skip the discussion on the subjective nature of 'truth'. quid veritas est? as the saying goes. I think that the Church of Scientology and the Church of Satan and the Church of the Immortal Hostess Cupcake might be 'true' to certain people, in certain scenarios.

    I just don't like getting phoned at dinnertime by appointment setting telemarketers trying to induct me into all those groups. ;)