Friday, October 19, 2007

Gay Marriage and My Drug of Choice

Sorry folks, this week has flown by and this will be my first posting for it. If it makes you feel any better, I'm three or four days behind on my reading of the Dilbert blog too...

I'll start off with a discussion on my drug of choice... well, let start off with a funny story! I was involved in a leadership council at the Church I attend. This was about a year ago. At the time I was working full time, had an almost full time home business and was struggling to keep family, sleep and everything else in balance. I figured I could cut down on sleep, but caffeine only helps so far. So there we sit, three or four of us, and an idea comes to mind... Being an idiot, I open my mouth. I say idiot, because invariably when I say something wacky with a straight face, people think I am serious and all kinds of problems ensue. "Do you think God would be OK with us taking Crystal Meth to help us be more effective in our positions as Church leaders? I mean we would have so much more energy and could get a lot more done..." STUNNED SILENCE, and then the stammering..., "Um, uh, well, um, a God would, well um, drugs, bad..." - "No seriously guys, as long as we used it in a responsible way, I don't think he would mind" - "Um uh, well um, I er" Anyway, I am no longer in that council - Not sure if my ideas for greater effectiveness had anything to do with that though.

So why Crystal Meth - well personally, I wouldn't choose to use it purely because of the side effects. I had a friend who tried it once, and he described it as if he had thousands of alarm clocks going off at once, and while he had the energy, he just didn't know how or what to do. I guess the brain damage would be a factor in my decision as well.

I was sick last week, and so the doctor prescribed a bunch of stuff, including some souped up Psuedoephedrine pills. You have to sign all kinds of Department of Justice stuff when you get them, since they are trying to crack down on Meth production (and these are a major ingredient, aparently). I like pseudoephedrine - it ramps up the heart and makes you feel really good. I don't think I've slept more than 4 or 5 hours each night all this week, but even now I feel FanFreakingTastic!

Psuedoephedrine is my drug of choice, now I just need to learn how to spell it right!

I wanted to touch on my opinions on Gay Marriage as well, but this post is getting a wee bit long... Perhaps later in the day!

For the record... I do not endorse Crystal Meth production or use. I was kidding when I raised it at the Church Council meeting. And I only use Psuedoephedrine when I have a major cold or other sinus infection - besides if you use it too much, it does't pack the same punch each time and that just not a responsible way to use drugs!


  1. My Mr Brown is a BIG fan of the Pseudoephedrine - bloody hard to talk the chemist out of any though - you'd think you were actually trying to buy meth!

  2. I may have to get the hook up w/ some of that when I'm sick. I'm down and out when I'm sick so some of that would save my life! (or the fake life I have anyway...)

  3. Morgan the only difference here in the States is that with Meth you wouldn't have the Government watching your every move...

    Awright... I'd highly recommend the "Aleve Cold & Sinus". I had a major cold on top of a late night a few months ago, and had to go to a Cowboy Mouth concert. One Monster and an Aleve later and I had a blast.

    By the way, Cowboy Mouth are going to be in Boulder in December... There is no other concert I have ever been to that is as good. I tried to convince the wife we needed to go, but after driving to Colorado in the midst of a snowstorm a few years back, she swore she would never try that trip again in Winter.