Thursday, October 04, 2007


I heard a quote by Ted Kennedy on the radio the other night... It was in reference to the Childrens Health Insurance Program and how it was a very fair program, and since American's understand fairness, they wanted the bill to be passed.

You might remember good ol' Teddy as the poster child for "It's OK to get drunk and drive your girlfriend into a river, and forget to tell anyone, as long as your family are well connected."

So in a nutshell, here's the deal... People have kids, and then decide that they can't afford to provide them with basic medical care. Since obviously I am to blame for their bad decisions, taxes which are taken from me in an unconstitutional manner are then used to provide insurance for these kids. Sounds fair to me so far, I mean it's all about the kids right?

I am especially proud that the kids of a relative of mine are covered under this program as well. Here you have two people who chose to have kids, who could barely afford a recent trip abroad, fancy furniture for their home and a host of other 'necessities'. Fortunately because we believe in fairness, my taxes pay for their kids insurance, and my kids were more than happy to settle with a big summer vacation which was pretty much just an afternoon at the local swimming pool.

Yes, Mr. Kennedy I understand fairness real well...

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