Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Something worse than Hillary...

I saw a couple of clips of Hillary campaigning over the weekend. It's not that I don't like the Democrats, or woman or anything like that. In fact, I don't even care what her sexual orientation is. The things that gets me, is just the blatant lying. She claims to be about everyone working together by choice, but supports "Big Government" programs. It's like she votes communist but is running a libertarian campaign. I guess if the American people are dumb enough not to see that, then it is kind of our choice to vote her in, and we'll get what we deserve.

While thinking about that in the wee hours of this morning though, our new puppy puked. Actually it was more like exploded... To save him from being tossed by the wife, I figured I needed to clean it up before heading out to work.

I don't think I have ever smelt anything so vile in my life. I would describe it, but quite frankly the sooner I can put it behind me the better.

If it came down to dealing with Hillary for 4 years and cleaning puppy puke up again, I think I might opt for Hillary...


  1. I hope the puppy recovers - there isn't much that's worse that cleaning up puke - especially still warm puke - ick

  2. Thanks! He only had the one incident, so I think it might be something he ate... He's mostly labrador, and as such moves through the house inhaling anything small than a tennis ball.

  3. a labby - every kid should have a labby - they are THE family dog.

  4. I agree... Now if I could just get the wife onboard!

    She equates lab with lots of poop and an oversized bite the kids and know 'em flying machine.

    He is getting better though, which is fortunate since he's getting bigger to.

    The part of him that isn't lab is pointer, and so he'll stop every so often an do the pointing thing. We always joke that its his instinct kicking in, and his brain is asking "What am I doing?!?"