Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sticky Situation

Interesting headline in the newspaper caught my eye on the way to the restroom this morning... Note: Not in the restroom however! Something just not right with guys who take a paper into the restroom at work!

Anyway, the heading was "Feds sued over plant raids". I wondered if it had to do with some recent immigration raids at some meat processing plants. On my return trip a minute or 2 later I stopped to read the article, and sure enough, someone is sueing the Federal government over the conducting of immigration raids. Bloody Hell! I thought, finally the government does their job, and someone sues.

Turns out thought that the reason for the lawsuit is that there were a number of citizens who were detained during the raid until their immigration status could be determined. So I guess there is a valid reason for the lawsuit - Not so much a guess though, since it is a blatant violation of their constitutional rights.

In my mind though, I think that the government should in turn sue the plant owners for hiring illegal workers and then the employees could sue the owners as well for putting them to work, side-by-side with illegal aliens.

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  1. I agree, I think the companies hiring the illegals should have very stiff fines - and also be accountable to it's legal employees for puting them in these situations.