Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pizza Hut Revisited....

If you read my ...Pizza Hut review a month or so back, do not be alarmed - I DID NOT RETURN.

After writing that review, I unsubscribed from the weekly Pizza Hut deal email - No point in getting coupons for crappy service and crappy food.

Last week I started getting the emails again, so I unsubscribed - again, and then sent an email to their corporate headquarters, describing my experience and asking them to ensure my name was removed from the mailing list.

They emailed back fairly quickly apologizing for the experience and informing me that since the local Pizza Hut is franchise owned, that they had contacted the owner and he would be contacting me within 3 days to help get the situation resolved (In my mind the only thing would be a free Papa Johns pizza) The only situation I think that exists is that they hired useless employees, but that's just my opinion.

Anyway, it's been well over a week and no word from the local franchise owner... Guessing the attitude of zero customer service goes all the way to the top!

So for the millions who read this blog... Don't go to Pizza Hut! For a more delightful and fun experience, try making your own - A certain dancing mouse in the land down under has a great recipe on her blog right here

[Post Publication Note: Just got another damn email from Pizza Hut - apparently unsubscribe means something different in the Pizza World!!]


  1. Perhaps you can tell pizza hut you are setting up your OWN pizza place - that might stop em!

  2. That's not a bad idea!!

    Something like...

    Real African Pizza Pie - Where you're in control of your toppings.

    Actually I think Kramer may have tried something like this - Perhaps I need to rewatch that Seinfeld episode!

  3. I will never go to Pizza Hut again.

    Your words are heard!

  4. When can I come get some African Pizza? Does it have boervorse and paap on it?

  5. Not a bad idea!!

    We'll have:

    The Wors pizza,
    Pap en Sous pizza
    and perhaps for desert we'll try a melk tert pizza.

  6. You can keep your melk tert pizza.


    That's sick!

  7. Well I guess to each his own...

    But can't you picture a light base, more savoury than sweet, with the milk/custard mix spread about an inch thick and then topped with cinnamon?

    I may have to make myself one tonight!