Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Dying Inside

I have the funniest blog post of all time...

But some of you know me, and a couple even know Mrs Koda.

And so it cannot be shared.

So instead, I shall share the following - Thanks to Marianne for the find, and the subsequent loss of productivity at work!

Oh - and Christians and those sensitive to certain language may be offended. Actually there is no may about it - It totally will!

There is also a clip of him on Mintys. I would post it here, but it's filthy, filthy, filthy! So if you have a filthy, filthy mind like me, perhaps you might enjoy looking for it. But I wouldn't recommend it.


  1. Thanks for sharing the lost productivity. only i don't work on school holidays (not paid anyway, just housemum stuff) so I'll need you to come over and do the washing etc. Oh, and buy me some more internet download credit, cheers.

    Oh yeah, and when you're done, I have the most delicious chocolate cake anyone in the world has ever tasted, but you can't have any.

  2. Maureen?! Who the hell is Maureen? Are you cheating on me? LOL

  3. Oh no, I've been caught in my torrid double life!!! Actually thee us a Maureen, and I think you'd quite like her, but this was just a stupid mistake on my part. Sorry! Will rectify as soon as I get home.