Monday, December 20, 2010

Xmas Feedings

Decisions were made last night...

Well, one decision was made last night.

Xmas morning in the Koda house is usually a suger fest topped with chocolate and drizzled with all manner of other unhealthy and diabetes inducing treats.

A week or two back, me and the oldest boy were perusing the blogs of friends and we discovered a link to a previously posted recipe by the infamous Morgan Mouse.

Last night it was decided that we shall be putting together an Egg and Bacon Pie when the sun arises on the 25th.

The other decision... We started eating out for Christmas dinner a couple of years ago. We did 2 years at Famous Dave's BBQ and last year we tried Chillis.

The plan in recent weeks has been to go to Ruby River Steakhouse, but last night, the oldest boy suggested Cafe Rio. Cafe Rio isn't as nice or formal (and not even close to as expensive!) But it's good food and we can let the kids go ape with the menu, and it won't hurt as bad.

So we're still trying to decide which... It may come down to what we feel like on Christmas Eve.


  1. Egg and bacon pie for xmas breakfast - excellent idea - Huzzah!
    Merry Merry to you, Mrs Koda and your 16 million little Kodas.

  2. Thanks Ms Mouse! Merry Merry to you, the Mister, Tigger and Pingu.