Thursday, December 09, 2010

Obscene and Tasteless

I got sent one of those people of walmart emails. I have a friend who has been asking about moving to the US, and wanting to do so for higher values - so I thought I would send her a link - one of the reasons she wants to leave her current place of residence is that too many of the teenagers have mullets!

So I looked up People of Walmart, and found the original site.

I made the mistake of looking it up at work though, and it turns out that it is blocked by the nanny software my employer uses.

And the reason the software gave...


Ummm... Yeah!


  1. Hardly the US at its best.....Whatever country your friend currently lives in, she could probably find collections of similarly "obscene and tasteless" manifestations from there, if she went looking for them.

  2. Maybe... But I've lived in a number of places overseas and without a doubt, the US has some of the best dressed and most sophisticated looking people out of all of them, but we also have some of the worst I've seen as well.

    This post was intended to be very tongue in cheek as well.