Saturday, December 18, 2010

Human Nature

I've noticed something interesting on Facebook. When I post something controversial, people who have either had a problem with my views in the past, or people who due to experience would have issues with my views react in a funny way.

They used to take me head on... If I can refute their arguments, they generally back down, or they resort to ridiculous hyperbole which may or may not include the use of Glenn Beckinisms. In the case of the latter, I'll usually give them the benefit of the doubt once, and if they keep it up, I usually just defriend them. Especially when they start using my wall to espouse what I deem to be crap!

Nowadays they do something different...

When I put something up which they disagree with, they'll generally find something else on my page to comment on. Like... "Nice profile pic!" or something generic and mundane.

Either they just have to say something and that is the best way to let it out, or they are trying to send a subtle message that they are still watching me. Hard to say which, and it could well be a combination of both.


  1. Interesting observation. I don't see the same thing over here but then I've always been pretty controversial, so no surprises for my friends.

  2. In my case, a few of my 'friends' suffer from the mental illness that is religion and the effects of taking it too far.