Monday, December 06, 2010

A Good Week

The post below was supposed to go up on my other blog... But in the fog of Monday morning, it ended up on this one. I didn't even notice that the header was wrong... It was the links on the right hand side which had changed which clued me in.

It was supposed to be a good week. After a Sunday which started awesomely and then went quickly downhill, this was the day that was going to reverse the trend.

To be fair, I shouldn't have stayed up until past midnight, watching the Amazing Race. But I wasn't tired, although I suspect the cuppa of Chai had something to do with that.

So shortly after midnight, I set my alarm, turn off the TV, and then snuggled up to Mrs Koda.

It took a while to go to sleep, but next thing I knew, I was in the midst of a dream.

It involved a multi story house which I know I seen in past dreams.

And there were people there. A guy and a gal from my tri club, and then a girl I run with at work.

This is where it get's kind of weird though.

We all left to go to a concert. We were supposed to walk or take a car. I think the travel requirements came about because of the amazing race.

I was wearing a pair of panties belonging to the girl I work with - NO CLUE WHERE THAT CAME FROM!! And I had a towel wrapped around my waste and over my shoulder - toga style - must have been a huge towel.

I think the concert was in New Zealand. A friend of mine saw Bon Jovi this past weekend down there, and New Zealand was where I saw Bon Jovi as well. I was thinking about that last night before bed. But I don't know if it was a Bon Jovi concert.

As it turned out, we were walking down a street I knew in South Africa. Trying to get to the Concert (which may have been in New Zealand), but we where headed to North Salt Lake - Some 30 minutes drive south from where I live.

And with that... I woke up.

Disoriented, and thinking it was about 2 in the morning.

Turns out that it was 4:08

7 minutes before my alarm went off...

And I needed to pee - which might be related to the aforementioned Chai.

So I got out of bed...

Walked around the bottom of the bed and toward the bathroom.

You'd think I'd be all spry and nimble... But I've been waking up stiff lately.

I was cold as well.

So there I was, lurching toward the bathroom... And my foot stopped suddenly.

And then the pain came...


I'd walked right into the leg of a large arm chair, Mrs Koda had moved into the bedroom last week.

I'm still impressed she was able to get it up the stairs and into the bedroom, but that feeling was not the one which consumed me at 4:08 this morning.



I paused, tried to gain my composure, and then stumbled into the bathroom, before standing on the side of the bathroom scale... Which them proceeded to tip and send me sideways towards the toilet.

You know that feeling, when someone has left the seat up, and you sit down, but you pass the point where you think the seat should be, and hit the water?

I had the other feeling... The one where someone closed the lid, and so in your hasty descent, you hit before you expect it.

Needless to say, this was not the wake up I had in mind.

I reset the alarm for 4:45 and tried to get back to sleep.

You can't sleep after something like that though.

I don't think my toe is broken, but time will tell.

It still hurts like hell! And today was supposed to be my first day back running in a couple of weeks.

But I think the week may be turning around.

This was on the radio as I headed to catch my ride into Salt Lake... And I caught enough red lights to allow me to hear the whole song.


  1. So.

    1. You had me at "I was wearing a pair of panties belonging to the girl I work with"

    2. One of my yoga teachers is Rage Against the Machine's yoga teacher. He was their personal yogi for almost a decade and basically toured the world with them many times over.

    3. Ouch.

  2. Well... I figured you guys could handle the additional details I opted not to post on Facebook.

    Yogi for Rage... That would give me 3 degree of separation - right? WOW!!!!

    And yeah - I think it's broken... Now I'm having flashbacks to an episode of Miami Medical where a guy broke his toe, and bone marrow got into his blood stream and caused all kinds of complications.

  3. O dear, o dear, I'm amazed you didn't wake the household with your screams of pain. I would have :)

  4. I woke at least 3 of them! Mrs Koda, and the 2 and 4 year olds. I'm just waiting for the 4 year old to pop off with the same explitives, but I suspect he was too groggy.

    And by way of update... I arrived home after work, and Mrs Koda had removed the chair, and there was a clear path from my side of the bed to the bathroom.