Saturday, January 03, 2009

Woman's Underwear?

One of my favorite quotes from Shrek 2 is:

"Are you wearing woman's underwear?"

"I most certainly am not"

"You most certainly am are!"

Anyway, my youngest son reminded me of this tonight. We had hamburgers for dinner, barbequed outside in sub-zero temperatures. The wife and I were eating at the table while the young monkey was sitting on a stool by the island. He had been trying, unsuccessfully I may add, to put more ketchup on his plate.

Minutes later, his usual mischevious grin had faded and he appeared to be crying.

"Are you trying to cut yourself more onion?", I enquired.

"No!" came the solid reply.

The crying appeared to get more intense.

"Are you playing with the onion?" - Sometimes they think they're smarter than you, if you don't nail down the specific activity involved.

"No!", came as solid a reply as the first time, but this time, with a little doubt slipping in.

At this point he raised his hands to wipe his eyes, still firmly grasping half a rather strong onion.

We laughed.

Hopefully the lesson has been learned.

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