Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Baby Fighting Ring Tax Breaks...

There is something which fundamentally disturbs me, every time I hear about war breaking out. This past weekend Israel launched a full scale military offensive into Gaza. Before sharing my opinion on this, perhaps I should just make a few key points.

  • Rockets were being launched from Gaza into Israel, which needs to be stopped. Nobody, Jew, Muslim, Christian or whatever should have to live under that kind of fear.

  • I don't claim to understand even a part of the problems in the Middle East. My basic understanding is that the Jews claim God promised them the land and the Arabs claim the same thing. By applying simple logic, one of them has to be wrong. I would submit both are. Israel isn't exactly a beautiful tropical island paradise. If either side had any brains they'd give the area up and establish a 'Promised Land' in Hawaii or Tahiti or some place that a lot nicer.

  • The Jews have been through a lot. The Holocaust was a terrible thing. But at the same time, there comes a point, when you have to quit using past as an excuse for entitlements. Time to move on people!

Oops, that probably contained more opinion than it should have. But with that said, I learned something else interesting this week...

Did you know that Israel is one of the largest recipients of foreign aid from the US? Perhaps you did. Perhaps I've been naive. I've always been under the impression that Israel was a the only country in the Middle East with a solid economy. A nation which was truly making something out of themselves. It would appear that they are just another leech on the US economy, living the high life at the expense of the US Tax Payer.

While I don't condone the rocket attacks, I do feel very bad for the Palestinians. From what I understand they're kind of the red headed step child of the Arab Nations, and have been forced to live along side the spoiled rotten child of the US. It's gotta suck, and probably a huge motivating factor for those who pursue a career in terrorism. Not that I'm saying it's right, but it is understandable.

Amidst this sea of gloom and despair, The Daily Show returned on Monday, and added a little more to my view of things. Unfortunately the key quote I wanted to reference is in the last 15 seconds, but the rest of it is good as well. Among my favorite quotes from this video is "Do you know anything?" and the Baby Fighting Ring comments. The segment which follows on Baby New Year was excellent as well.

I think the comment about the mentally disturbed person is excellent. Although mentally disturbed is probably not how I would categorize the Palestinians - more just victims of unfortunate circumstance.

Just a bad situation for all involved.

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