Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Today sucked. You don't need to know why, just know that you could take you most sucky day of all time, and I think mine could give it a good run for it's money.

I have a good friend who informed me one that the phrase "To Suck" actually came from the phrase, "To Suck Dick"

My friends... Today really, really, really SUCKED DICK!!

My apologies to all who may have found that offensive - but it really was that bad.


  1. sympathies, I've had a whole WEEK of suckage though, so not too much!

  2. Actually Mrs. Mouse you may beat me out with your suckage... And please accept my sympathies for your suckage. At least I had my spouse by my side during my sucky stuff.

  3. I for one prefer to refer to such days as sucking ass (arse, for the non-Americans), rather than sucking dick. I don't know why, but saying that something sucks ass is very satisfying.

    My sympathies.