Monday, April 07, 2008

A turn for the better...

My luck seems to have changed...

I got an appointment with a doctor this afternoon. We (my coworker who runs with me and I picked a doctor based on looks. We wanted a guy about my age who looked athletic. We found one and got it scheduled. Luck started to change as I signed the Credit Card slip for the Co-pay...

#1 The lady told me the pen I grabbed wouldn't work, but it did!!!

#2 The doctor came in, and it turns out he's a runner, and he's running the Ogden half marathon as well!

#3 I've been diagnosed with Iliiotibial Band Syndrome. It's not that scary and fairly common. The doctor had it himself. I should be able to start running on Saturday. I didn't ask about the Kanab Triathlon, but that should be fine too. As a last resort I can have a cortizone shot. I would prefer to avoid that, but when the doc had the same problem, he took the shot 3 weeks before a big race, and it worked like a charm. If any of you want a referral to this guy, let me know, he's my new go to guy for sports injuries.

#4 Jesse Ventura has a new book out. Don't start the revolution without me. I like Jesse Ventura for any reasons, even more so after his interview on the radio this morning. The following is from the blurb on his blog from

Ventura--former governor, wrestler, and Navy SEAL--discusses what's wrong with the Democrats, the Republicans, and politics in America. He also reveals why he left politics, and why he is now considering reentering the arena with a possible independent run for the presidency in 2008.

Mr. McCain... Mr. Ventura was a freakin' Navy Seal!! He didn't get caught by the enemy like you did. Sure you suffered in a prison camp, for which I feel bad, but that's nothing compared to being a freakin' Navy SEAL!!!

Mr. Obama, I like you, and you might have gotten my vote, but you ain't got nothing on Mr. Ventura. The man is charismatic and he walks the talk. Besides that, he could kick your ass!

Mrs. Clinton. You're whiny and ineffective. You campaign has been about change and experience, both of which don't seem to be able to stand together logically.

I'm sad that Ron Paul won't be running this year, but I think Mr. Ventura is a much better option than all of the current candidates.



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  2. It would certainly appear that way... At least there was an attempt (although a very poor one) at using English, rather than the usual Spanish or so Asian dialect that I get.

    I must admit I was excited to get on someone's blog roll, but alas, he lied about that...