Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Trifecta Update

I think it's time for an update to my personal hot babe trifecta. There has been much contention in the Koda house about this, but when it comes down to it, even if Connie Young lives less than an hours drive from my house.. First, I am married (generally happily married at that) and second, it's not like I would have a shot anyway, and third, if she wanted to go for a married guy, I'm not sure I'd like her any more. So I have put my foot down (likely next to the couch where I will no doubt be spending a couple of nights, should the lovely Mrs Koda decide to read this).

OK, so I've decided to drop Kiera, who although my primary favorite actress in recent years, is just not quite up to the same standard as the new girls. I've also dropped Natasha Bedingfield. It's not that I don't like her, it's just that I think the new girls have raised the bar abit, and aside from looks, I don't know much about Ms. Bedingfield.

OK, so in no particualr order, my new Hot Babe Trifecta is:

Rachel McAdams, mostly due to her roles in the Wedding Crashers and the Notebook.
Connie Young, due to her role in Singles Ward and appearances on the Chunga Show on 101.9 The End.
Alyssa Milano, I liked her as a teenager, and she's still pretty hot! She was on My Name is Earl last week, and some other show I watched a few months ago.


  1. I'm glad you dropped Kiera. I find her very much unattractive.

    So now I am in total agreeance with your list.

    Especially McAdams...

    Hotchuma hotchuma!

  2. No, but I think it's headed in that direction...

    For several years it was a mental list, and the move a few months ago to a fixed spot on my blog was quite a step up.

    Maybe in a year or so, I'll get it laminated so I can carry it in my wallet. It's not like it changes that much...

    On a completely other side note - I was wondering if you or Dee had any experience with recovering from IT Band syndrome? I would ask Dee directly, but I'm not one of the privileged few with access to her blog! I know she had some solid experience with a couple of other running injuries.