Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Piggies

This is a 'cute' post. My apologies to all my more masculine readers.

My daughter purchased a guinea pig for her birthday this year, and in an effort to avoid having the little rodent get lonely, Mrs. Koda purchased one at the same time. My daughters pet is still hovering with respect to names. Some days she's Little Miss Speedy, and others it's Hannabelle. Mrs. Koda's pig is named Miss Bennett.

Miss Bennett ended up being the more dominant of the two, and was largely responsible for us having to purchase two cages. She is also the more friendlier of the two - far less skittish and very curious.

I'm working from home today, and one of the little Koda's brought Miss Bennett over to the table where I am working. She took a while to adjust to me, the laptop and the table, but after a few minutes, she's managed to get on the keyboard and open an additional 20-30 help windows in my browser.

I pushed her off to the side, and all of a sudden, she mellowed right out. Her amble belly seemed to sink and spread out on the table, and it almost looked like she might be going to sleep. I ignored her for a while, but it seemed a little unlike her... And that's when I realized...

There is an air vent on the side of the laptop and it gently blows out nice warm air from the processor -> right where Miss Bennett was sitting.


  1. Cats do the same thing, find the nice warm spot & sit, no matter where it is or how inconvenient it is.
    LOVE GPs, they make the most adorable little squooking noise when they want their breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack :)

  2. That they do!

    Of course there is the other really cool purring sound that Miss Bennett makes... Well we thought it was cool... It appears however to be more of a growl, and she usual makes it right before she jumps on Hannabelle and starts biting on her ears - And no... They're not trying to mate!