Friday, August 13, 2010

On Anonymous Comments

If you have a blog and you've been the recipient of anonymous comments - as have I - I think you'll find this true.

It was a tweet by Andy Borowitz

Anonymous blog comments are the Internet's version of flaming bags of shit left on a doorstep.


  1. So far I would agree. Although, I did get one anonymous comment that wasn't like that. Ironically, I actually knew who that person was because they said the same thing to me in a chat window after reading one of my posts.

  2. Oh oops. I'm sorry I commented to an above post even though I don't know you. I like it when random people comment and didn't know it's considered to be like a flaming bag of crap. Sorry.

  3. Exmormon Lesbian!! Welcome to the party!

    To be completely honest, most of the anonymous commenters I've had actually haven't been too bad. It's the drive-by visitors, who read half a post, get offended, and then over-react to the content in an anonymous comment.

    So... In short... You're TOTALLY WELCOME!

    And looks like I have a new blog to keep tabs on as well!

  4. Oh yeah. I agree about the anon people who just stop by to rant. I am just starting a new blog. I had a blog that I took down about 5 years ago. I'm just getting back into the blogging thing and I'm not telling anyone I know in real life about it. But when I had my other blog, someone stopped by to rant about me concerning my opinion about a bridge in Massachusetts. Ha. So, yeah, that was a bag of poop. A funny bag of poop though. :-)

  5. When I started my blog I was really afraid that people I know would find it and stop by to rant, argue, complain about me, etc. Well, none of that ever happened. In actuality, I found myself begging some family members to read it. LOL! My mom and sisters read a few articles but they are just not blog readers. Although, just recently, I did get my sister to proof read my "Lying for the Lord" post.

    Anyway, after over a year of catharsis, writing, venting, etc. some anonymous poster did flyby to set me "straight" (read: "pick a fight" aka "gay-bait") me. Interestingly enough, I had gotten to a point where I didn't care. I was able to respond without getting all worked up too much. It turned out to be cathartic in the end.

    Good times.

    So, welcome to the Ex-Mo blog-world. Also called "Outer Blogness".

  6. When I started, I was still kinda Mormony and ultra conservative - Kill 'em all, let god sort it out... I even sent the address to my parents and suggested they stop by on occasion.

    1 year later, they still hadn't visited and I was having a crisis of faith, not to mention having morphed into a socialism loving liberal...

    A year later they found it...

    We haven't really spoken since.