Wednesday, June 03, 2009

You could be legendary...

I'm up to 199 friends on FaceBook. I have at least one more request that hasn't been answered yet, so there is still the opportunity for you to become friend #200.

If we're not yet friends, and you would like the honor of being #200... Send me an email so we can work it out!

And just so you know, un-friending and then re-friending won't work I'm afraid.


  1. i keep paring my friends list down. my original goal was to make it under 20 people, and have them all be the coolest people i know. i was very rapidly up to where you're at, and i deleted over 100 people in one swoop.

    i just deleted ten more 'friends' i've never heard of this morning. quality for me is much better than quantity.

    on the upside, some of the strange requests i got from strangers have turned out to become friends of mine rather rapidly.

  2. The friend count is kind of a tricky thing - I'd almost like 2 accounts one for everyone and one for the real close friends.

    Having everyone, has been great. Getting back in touch with friends from when I was a kid, seeing what people have made of their lives, and last year I went on a "My Name is Earl" type quest, and cleared the air with a few people I'd had fall-outs with in the past (Generally because I was a complete prick!). Unfortunately as a kid, if someone disagreed with me, I tended to adopt a 'Scorched Earth' style approach to resolve it - generally not a good thing.

    On the other hand though, I've picked up some wacko's along the way as well. But in picking up those wacko's, I've also picked up some excellent friends too.

    Like everything in life, the trick seems to be finding the balance!

  3. you mean you didn't save me for #200?

    haha :)

    I've only 71 friends, compiled mostly of people who either read my blog, I've known from my writing community, or people I know IRL. Many of them TBMs. I think I speak with most of them. A few are just from high school, meant only to see what everyone is up to. Found out an old crush of mine is gay--ah, figures *snap* I ended up snatching up someone great anyways, but still :D

    good luck.

  4. Sorry Lisa!!

    Actually friend 200 was almost Jimmy the Bartender (Don't know if your significant other reads Men's Health), but somehow when he accepted my request from about 2 weeks back, someone else dropped me, so he ended up being 199...

    Grant Ruby, local radio DJ (I'm trying to get him to start playing Just Jinjer) ended up being friend #200.

    So huge congrats to Grant I guess, although, he may never know, since my identity here, is known only to a select few on FaceBook!