Thursday, June 18, 2009


So there has been some debate on one of the blogs I read about the question of Gay Members of the LDS Church and in particular, a decision by young man on the homosexual persuasion, who is trying to change some of the hate and misinformation which has so totally enveloped the LDS Church. It's been interesting to watch both sides. In many ways, I almost feel bad for those who support the status quo within the LDS Church. After years of being taught that to consider any matter intellectually is a sin, they actually believe it is.

Anyway, but I'm trying to make this blog more upbeat, so while keeping in line with the topic as hand, I found this absolute gem on the blog of one of those on the same side of the issue as I. I shall be adding him to the blog roll once I get this published.


  1. I have one word for that song - AWESOME!

  2. That is AWESOME. I know, Emily already said it, but there it is.