Thursday, June 25, 2009

Changing things up a little

So I've made some changes to the right hand side of the blog... Added some blogs which I've enjoyed reading, and removing others that while I felt obligated to read, I had kinda lost interest in...

I also considered updating the Hot Babe Trifecta...

In contention was one Ashley Greene, who played Alice Cullen in the first movie in the popular Twighlight series. Her IMDB page is here.

My only reservation with young Miss Greene, is that it would appear that she is just over 10 years younger than me. She's above the legal age of conscent, not that it really matters, but 10 years is quite a big gap... The question is, does liking her make me a dirty old man, or would it be considered socially acceptable?


  1. When I was 23 I dated (and much more) a divorcee who was about 41 at the time. She was older than I am now. She was also gorgeous, talented, had no sexual hangups and had her own money (girls my age always wanted to drain me of my dough).

    People may call you a dirty old man, but they wink and nod. If men (particularly in Utah) date *up*, then they give you cross-eyed stares, call you a 'rent boy', and assume she can't get a guy her own age.

    In the end, it's whatever you're comfortable with. I always liked older women... probably one of the many reasons I ditched the Beehive State. If you like younger chicks it's just a matter of taste.

    BTW: Ashley Greene is 22, she's bloody gorgeous, and I'd love it if you'd add her. ;)

  2. I'm all for adding her. And 10 years is nothing. I've had boyfriends 16 years younger, and get hit on by 20 year olds all the time (I'm 40). When I have time or the inclination, I go for it. Besides, what's wrong with being a dirty old man, exactly?