Monday, August 04, 2008

Proving my point...

I heard about this newspaper article last week, but suspected that it might be something which had been taken out of context. What I'd heard was that people where questioning whether Barack Obama is too fit to be President... The problem being that people can't relate to someone who is fit and healthy.

I found the newspaper article in the Washington Post this morning. It's here

I think it just adds to my last posting about advertisers now targeting the morbidly obese.

Of course the other explanation could be that this is an underhanded move by the McCain campaign. It was interesting that McCain gave his actual weight while Obama seemed to brush it off, and it also included the reasons why poor McCain can't lift weights. I'm sorry that the man was a POW in vietnam, but it doesn't qualify you to lead the nation.

Either way, whether the story was genuinely reporting that people don't want a healthy president, or if it is a sneeky move by Mr. McCain, or both. It still disgusts me.


  1. And yet, if Mr O had some sort of health problem, the opposition would be all over THAT like a rash. Can't win really.

  2. Absolutely... It's actually interesting behavior from all the media outlets. I'm on the complete opposite side of the political spectrum from Mr. Obama, but I really like how he's been talking about cleaning up Washington. I think the reason all the big corporations and other politicians (including his own party) are getting pissed off, is because a lot of the bribery - I mean lobbying and other corruption may be done away with.

    Mr. Obama is the polar opposite of the monkey currently in power, and with major recession and rumors of a new war with Iran, I'm ready to give the man a shot.

  3. It's appalling that 60% of our the US population is overweight, and 30%+ is obese. Good grief. But to whine that Obama is too fit is beyond idiotic. It's like ignorant people who look down their nose at the educated. ??? No one should look down their nose at anyone, but that's beside the point. Irrespective of the ignorant's view on the subject, an education only benefits the person who's getting it, so what's to look down their nose? Ditto with health and fitness.