Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Types of Computer Users

Having been working in Tech Support for a number of years and now as a Developer, I think I've had exposure to the various different types of computer users. If I could categorize them into 5 groups...

1. People who know they aren't technically proficient, and don't try to pretend that they are.

2. People who are technically incompetent but don't know it, and like to throw in buzz words that they have heard but don't have a clue about.

3. Just your average person who knows their limits, but can get on just fine with a computer.

4. Power Users and people who are comfortable with technology. These could be high end users or your average computer guy.

5. The IT guy with the God Complex. Plagued by being surrounded by the technically incompetent and cursed with superior intellect and always being right.

I like groups 1, 3 and 4. I strive to be in group #4. Me and computers generally get on well, but I don't think that makes me any different from anyone else, if anything, I think I may have the brain defect that makes it possible to communicate with inanimate objects.

Group #2 are generally just annoying, and typically have those highly whiny & grating voices - I'm actually listening to one member of this group a few cubicles down as I type...

Group #5 are a group of the most arrogant self absorbed pricks - hopefully my characterization of User #2, doesn't lump me in with this group. For some reason they always seems to be one member of this group on the bus or the train, generally trying to impress a girl with his technical prowess. I'm just grateful for headphones and Linkin Park, Metallica and the Foo Fighters.


  1. Yeah, I like to think I am a 3.

    That guy on the bus/train sounds like an interesting kind of guy though.

  2. I probably put you more in group 4, but either is perfectly fine.

    There have been several guys on the bus and train in recent years... Always the same loud voice, and always plenty of "Guess how great I was when this happened" and "I'm just so much smarter than this other guy". Now all of that may be true, but it generally directed at some cute younger woman, who for some unknown reason actually pays attention to these guys... Not that I'm jealous, I generally just feel bad for the girl.

  3. Yeah, but she knew what she was getting into when she stepped on the bus...

  4. There's definitely a gamble you take when using public transportation - of course with the price of gas, sometimes it's almost worth it.

    Oh, and apparently it's not limited to buses and trains... We can put planes in there too - see here

  5. I think I'm somewhere between 3 and 4. But I definitely prefer it when other, way more proficient computer people make things easy for me, like TypePad for my blog. Man, it's easy to use! Bless their little hearts.

  6. I confirm. I agree with told all above.

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