Friday, July 18, 2008

The Daily Show....

E of The Gerli Life fame had this clip on her blog today...

It's from the today show on Comedy Central. That's Comedy as is "Funny!! Ha Ha!" type stuff. It was actually hilarious. The sad thing is that I think the presenter made more sense, than.... Well, more sence than most of the stuff I've heard on the news recently.

My foreign readers can probably have an especially good laugh at this. I'm torn between laughing, crying and curling up in the fetal position and starting to mumble, "We're screwed, we're screwed, we're screwed!"


  1. Yay! This is e of the The Gurly Life. Thanks for the mention! I think Jon Stewart (the presenter) is our official court jester - he gets to tell the truth, and he gets away with it because he's funny.

  2. For some reason I when I hear Jon Stewart, I always think of the old guy who replace William Shatner on Star Trek... Obviously I'm not a Trekky, otherwise I'd actually remember what that guys name was.

    Me think I'm going to have to set my DVR to capture both Jon's and Mr Colberts shows from here on out...

  3. I wish Jon Stewart came to live in Australia.