Friday, December 14, 2007

It was the best of times...

and then it was also the worst of times. This week has been one of extreme highs and extreme lows.

I'm writing this blog whilst waiting for the Excedrin to kick in, and psyching myself up to go and change the front wheel on my car, which at this point is about as flat as it can get. To help matters, the trunk is loaded with stuff for christmas and an assortment of other crap which will have to be moved into the back seat. I'll also have to stop by Walmart on the way home to get it repaired. Of the last 5 visits to Walmart, 4 have really sucked - Maybe today they can break their losing streak!!

There have been some good things though... I met with the immigration service this morning and had my application for citizenship approved, now all that remains is for me to go to a swearing in ceremony sometime in the new year, and then I'll be a full fledged American. It was looking a little doubtful last night as I went to my wallet to pull out my green card, and realized that 2 weeks ago I put it somewhere safe and promptly forgot where that was. Having spent half of the night ransacking the house, I was able to finally track it down to the in-laws house a little after 6am this morning. I suspect that may be why I have a head-ache now!

Have to see how the rest of the day plays out. I really want to go and see the Golden Compass tonight, but with the way things are looking this may have to be one of those solo experiences, since Mrs Koda ain't too motivated to go.


  1. Well congratulations on being done with the whole imigration business. That's good news at least...

  2. Wow, I'd just assumed you already were a US-citizen - I guess when you are you'll be able to leave & return as often as you like (or can afford to :)

  3. Yep, the afford to is going to be the key factor...

    And thanks Gats!! I guess you know a thing or two about all of that!!

  4. And bye the bye, have a lovely xmas/solstice, whatever it is you fancy in your family!