Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I am having the crappiest of days... I would share why it sucks so bad, but personally I don't think you really want to hear about it, and most of it is stuff I'd rather not have pasted all over the internet. Not that sharing it with 2 occasional readers is "All over the internet", but...

Anyway, so we had a work party yesterday at the Olive Garden. My wife has been begging me to take her there for a few years, and it's kind of turned into a game...

Anyway I never used to be an Italian Food guy... Then I went to Macaroni Grill and Carabbas and found that I love Italian Food. My experience at the Olive Garden has made me realize that I love expensive Italian food, not the cheap crap produced by Fazoli's, Olive Garden and places like that.

One of the waiters was really good. The rest really sucked. The thing that got me was that apparently there was an automatic 18% gratuity added. I have a problem with this. I'm a big tipper... If I get a good waiter, I usually leave at least 20%. I've been know to leave more for exceptional service. But the thing is that a few times I've been involved big group events the service is horrible, and they still expect the gratuity - well actually they take it, not leaving the option.

Anyway that's my whine for the day... It's actually the least of my concerns, but fairly safe to share online I think.

Anyone want to get their husband a really cool hunting dog for Christmas? I'm getting tired of the wife complaining about him, and he got hold of the wire to the AC unit yesterday... That's going to cost me...


  1. I hates it too! Just an FYI or warning, Don't go to ACNE I mean ACME burger with a group either. Not only do they too add the tip but they act like you're inconvenienceing them by dining there. And they won't allow groups to split the checks.

  2. The BEST Italian food is the stuff you cook at home, simple and flavourful, you should visit Lucillian Delights ( most of her stuff has just a few ingredients and is simple to cook and tastes the bomb! Her vegetable & goats cheese pie has become a staple at the brown-mouse house.
    As for tipping, I WON'T unless the service is great, but in Australia waiters are paid a decent award wage, they don't depend on tips to survive. One day I'll have to post the story where a friend deducted $$ for poor service - he still dines out on that story!

  3. Well, now I know not to try ACME burger!

    As for the Italian... Have to try out the Lucillian Delights... I agree that home cooking tastes best, but home cleaning up after the cooking bites!

    I do miss the tipping standards in New Zealand though - One of several reasons I wouldn't mind going back!

  4. Yeah, the whole adding a tip is ridiculous.

    I'm with you, man.