Monday, June 25, 2007

When Left equals Right

So last night, I'm sitting at my computer and while I should be getting a project finished up, I start watching music videos on Yahoo Music. A few video's into it, I find Testify by Rage Against The Machine. It's a great song - if you like that kind of music, but the content of the video just blew me away (Even though it deals with the 2000 Presidential Election).

So then I hit Wikipedia, and look up the band to find out more on their political philosophy. According to whoever wrote the article, they are against government intrusion and big into freedom. That kind of sounds like me, except then they were described as being a radical left-wing group. This is kind of crazy to me, since I have always considered myself somewhat of a right-wing nut job. Now I may not totally agree with everything they believe or support, but on these key issues I think we stand on the same ground.

Left and Right, Right and Left, is there really a difference? I think the problem is that people try and polarize an issue to fit just one side of the political spectrum, but the more I think about it, it really comes down to freedom, and whether you want to be free or not. The approach may differ, but ultimately we all want the same thing.

I'm going to continue this theme for the next week or two... There was a study done some time ago that looked into the brains of politicians, and had some surprizing findings (They found something, which is probably the most shocking part), but then I'd like to explore what exactly the problems are that we face, and look at possible solutions.

We The People are going to have to fix this.

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