Monday, June 18, 2007

Freedom is Free

So I've been thinking a lot about freedom lately... I think what started it all, was that I got interested in politics a few years back and started trying to understand the whole process. Several years later and many years more experienced, I have become pretty disillusioned with the whole thing. I'm not sure if I could name one politician that is in the game for the good of humanity. The greatest tragedy of all is that while they claim to support 'Freedom of the People', they don't believe people should be trusted to exercise their own judgement.

If you are anything like me, that statement may not be sitting well right now, but let me clarify. I think every human being is basically good. The problem comes when 1 person tries to exercise control over another. Think of any example, either current, or historical, and look for one person trying to control another person, or in most cases a whole group of people. If you find one that doesn't fit this paradigm, let me know because I haven't found one yet.

I went on a spiritual journey last year, with a very good friend. While I definitely haven't arrived at my destination, nor do I think the journey will ever be complete, I have seen a number of things that lead me to believe that things are very, very wrong with our society.

I'd like to keep this blog up beat, while at the same time tackling many of the social problems we face as a civilization and brainstorming possible solutions. I don't think anyone has all the answers, but those of us that pursue a path to find honesty and truth will find many of the answers hidden in plain sight.

Let me know if you would like to join me on this journey, and what kinds of things concern you about where the world is headed.

The only rule is openess and honesty, we won't be held down by traditional views, whether religeous, political, cultural or otherwise. Obviously none of those working right now anyway!


  1. First, I am excited that you finally started blogging.

    Second, I agree with the whole dissilusioned thing.

    I feel like when it comes to pilitics, they are all corrupt. The US is in such bad shape now that it seems like anything is better than our current administration, but when you look at it, the alternative isn't that much better.

    You mentioned the problem that comes from one person trying to make desisions for and ultimately controling the people. I have a problem with this - but also with the fact that that person doesn't actually get to make desisions themselves (you know, in case they did want to do the right thing). Their party is making many of the choices for them as are the infulencial millionares and corporations.

    I think the whole system is a mess. It is very frustrating.

    It sounds like you are also talking about social ills that are not directly related to politics. I look forward to you being more specific about what you see is wrong...

  2. Thanks Gats!!

    I think you are officially my first reader.

    I'm curious as to where this thing is going to go as well...

    I think the US is headed for a revolution, but I would personally hope for an intellectual one, rather than a violent one. The problem is just trying to convince a group of people that have gradually come enslaved to an ideology that they can break free from it.

    Some topics I'd like to tackle are:

    The virtual enslavement of African Americans by the Social Welfare system - As an African myself, it breaks my heart to see they how many are killed needlessly, simply because they don't know they can break free of it.

    That topic would also dove-tail with many of the lower white and mexican classes.

    I'd like to tackle immigration as well. I am very against illegal immigration (mostly because I am several thousand dollars in to taking care of my status) but I also think we need to find a way for immigrants to come in legally, and also to help Mexicans fix their own government, so that they have the same opportunities in their own country - when that happends I think an open border would work very well.

    Finally, but by no means last, I'd like to take on the effect of Political and Religeous ideologies on civilization, although such topics will likely raise a lot of heat!!

    But isn't that what free thought is supposed to do..?