Thursday, June 21, 2007

Scared of Global Warming

So, I'm coming into work this morning, and walk by a reporter from the local TV station doing a very serious story about reducing Greenhouse gas emissions.

Before I start this, let me just clarify my position on the environment....

I like living here on earth. I believe in being environmentally responsible. I think it is possible to maintain a healthy balance between taking care of nature, and providing for my fellow man.

Now back to that reporter... What a load of crap!!!

Here's the deal on Global warming, Global cooling, Global Climate Change and all of that...

First, before you decide if you are for or against this, do your own research on the matter. I would suspect that like me, you have been fed misinformation for most of your life about this issue.

The big question for everyone, is why is there all this concern about it?

If you stay tuned to this blog, you will find that I am a firm believer in honesty and in freedom. In opposition to these two ideals are deceptions and control. The biggest problem any nation is facing right now, is from governments that have stepped out of the role of providing a central point for coordination of infrastructure and other essential services, and into the business of promoting various agenda's and basically growing fat on unethical taxation.

So how does a small group of people acquire more and more control of their populations? The key is fear... If you study up on the physiological effects of fear, one of the results is that our brains go into a fight or flight mode, and to better achieve those goals, our brain shuts down the logical thinking part of the brain. Unfortunately, when an entity such as a government learns how to trigger that response, they can then exercise a measure of control on what your actions are.

I think one of the saddest things, is to watch teenagers who have been fed misinformation for most of their formative years, come out in violent opposition to Global Warming, without having so much as a clue about the facts.

I return back to my original point that everyone needs to do their own research, avoiding where possible propoganda from either side of the argument.

As a final word, in looking at public officials, I think you'll find most of them are jumping on the 'Global Climate Change' band wagon. They are trying desperately to find a reason to make you 'need' them. The more you 'need' them, the more control they have.

People should not fear their governments, governments should fear their people.

Next time some guy who makes his living by overtaxing you and spending it to promote his personal agenda, starts telling you about the dangers of Global Warming, or any other 'crisis' or 'catastrophe' I hope your BS detector goes off loud and clear, and you have the clarity of mind to question why they might be doing so.

Please sound off on this by leaving a comment, whether you agree or not. If we can get all the evidence in one place, I think an honest review will let the truth be revealed.


  1. How can you be so insensitive!! The ice-caps are melting and polar bears are losing their habitat.

    If you actually care about the environment as you claim, you'd want to stop global warming as well.

  2. Mother Earth,

    I'll assume that your comments were made with the best of intentions... but I sense too that this is a topic close to your heart, and I would venture to guess that you are pretty scared for the future as well. Believe me, I used to be there, gathering petitions against companies which had questionable environmental pasts. I think at one stage, I even wanted to join GreenPeace.

    Ultimately thought I went in search of truth, and as the saying goes, "Truth shall set you free".

    If you do a little research into the polar bear, you'll find that the population has actually more than doubled in the last 30 years.

    I've read reports that the polar caps are melting, but I have also read others that state the evidence suggests that in some regions of the arctic and antarctic, the ice caps are actual growing.

    Ultimately things change, sometimes it will be warmer, sometime it will be colder. Evidence has been found in Greenland of vineyards and other agriculture.

    Things have changed in the past and things will change in the future. If it gets warmer, the polar bears will adapt, if it gets colder, we'll have to learn to adapt.

    If you take indescriminate hunting out the the equation, which I would assume we are both against, then all that is left is natural processes.

    It's time to stop being afraid.

  3. I agree again.

    I have read both sides of the issue and the only thing I can be sure of is that politicians are using it for their own benefit.

  4. I just finished ready "State of Fear" by Michael Crichton. My understanding is that he got all kids of death threats and nasty things after he published it.

    For me it explained both sides of the issue exceptionally well, and he provides an excellent argument to support his position as well as a multitude of references. Aside from that it is an incredible story from start to finish.

    I would highly recommend to - of course only if you want your mind blown away with the truth!!