Monday, February 01, 2010

Best Month

Things kinda petered out there at the end I'm afraid...

January was just a weird month all around too, it seemed like the first half too forever to pass, which I for one didn't mind, and then the last half was over before I knew. February 1st already?!?

Part of me enjoyed the daily need to post, but it added an additional item on my daily task list, which might not have been the best approach.

This last weekend was crazy though. In addition to some insane training, we also celebrated Mrs. Koda's birthday and got to meet with our Bishop yesterday - more details on the will be forthcoming on the other blog.

I woke up this morning at around 3:30 from the midst of a funky dream. It involved my parents, and an ex-girlfriend from my past. There were other people there, but those where the ones which stood out.

Turns out they were staging an 'Intervention' for me. At first I thought they were joking... And then as reality set in, things went from bad to worse. I usually don't use a whole lot of bad language in real life (I'm worse online that I am normally - well except for the hells, damns and Son of a Bitch's. Anyway, my language got pretty bad, with plenty of hand gestures thrown in as well.

I tried to run, and unlike most nightmares it worked quite well. The trick was trying to escape, since it seemed like they had anticipated my attempts and had people to try and stop me.

I awoke sweating profusely, annoyed at being awake, and curious as to what it all meant.

I think the 'Intervention' came about because of the meeting with the Bishop, and subsequent thoughts I had. The ex-girlfriend was actually brought up by my son, on a completely separate matter. We also watched Angels and Demons, which may have contributed to the vivid escape sequences, and the whole tarnished view of religion in general.

The message I got out of it...

I'm not ready to confront some of these issues in my life just yet.

And since this post seems to be on a downward spiral as far as optimism goes...

I love this rendition and performance of Better Man by Pearl Jam. However it starts a little differently that you might expect, and it's not exactly an upbeat song, but it kind of fits with the tone of this post.


  1. Dreams blow my mind, they rarely make any sense at all (to me) but sometimes you can track things back. Stress about something or other is generally the reason for most of the strange one.

  2. Stress definitely seems to be behind this one...