Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Who are you?

I think I want to change the atmosphere of this blog a little...

I wanted it to be a positive influence, but I think it has tended to be a little negative over the last few weeks.

Let's try something and see if that can springboard into something that is really positive.
I would like to offer you a view of yourself, and I would like you to seriously consider it. When I have shared this in the past, it has been met with some resistance, but some of that may be due to poor delivery on my part, and the other is likely because these are things which might seem a little out of place in our current civilization.

Let's keep this short and simple... Who are you?

I would propose the following:
  1. You are the product of a creation by a divine source, however you would choose to describe that source.
  2. You have a soul that is not only infinite in existence, but infinite in potential.
  3. You have the right and ability to exercise complete control over yourself.

Think that over, post any comments you might have, and in my next couple of blogs, I would like to explore what we can then deduce, based on this foundation.

As I have explored it, it has blown my mind, and each time I revisit it, I am more and more astounded with what I am able to discover more.


  1. "You have the right and ability to exercise complete control over yourself."

    I believe it, but it is VERY difficult.

  2. Amen Brother!! And the key reason is our civilization and language...

    For example, my 7 year old son walks in with a grumpy face and tells me that I have made him made. My wife claims I drive her crazy, and vice versa. The problem is, me, my wife and my son have all been duped by the language around us 24/7 We choose our reactions, but unfortunately I think we have been trained to surrender that choice and the control of it to factors outside of ourselves.

    Figure this out, look at politics, religeon, even entertainment and it is amazing just how ingrained the idea of being at the mercy of the world has become.