Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Finally, A Good Reason for Iraq

I'm going to let yesterday's blog sit for a few more days before I continue with it. My inspiration today comes from a comment I heard on the radio yesterday... I know everyone's got opinions about the war in Iraq, and to be honest, my opinion has been on every side of this. Personally I don't like war, since I consider everyone on this planet to be part of something greater. I don't care if you are a Christian, an Atheist, Muslim, or whether you believe in Left or Right Wing politics. We're all hear to figure out something, and to help each other out. Inflicting suffering or death on another human does nothing to serve the greater good.

OK, I'll spare you my opinions on the war and why it is and isn't working. In a nutshell, I heard yesterday the first theory that actually makes sense. The show was the Glenn Beck show, and what I like about him, is even though I may disagree at times with his opinions, he presents them in a well prepared fashion, is prepared to aknowledge opposing views, and I think he is honest about everything.

Here is his view on the war in Iraq...

The problem isn't Irag, it's Iran. Now if we were to invade Iran, we would be in some serious trouble...They have one of the worlds largest armies, and without any direct provocation, they and most of the Islamic states in the region would come out against us. I'm not sure who would win such a conflict, I'd like to think we would, but when it comes down to it, with enormous body counts on both sides, no one really wins.

The only way to effect change in a way that benefits everyone, is to encourage the people of Iran to initiate it themselves. So the approach is this...

Take out the Taliban, because they are harboring Al Qaeda terrorists and are pretty much responsible for 9/11. I think we did well here, and from what I have read, Afganistan is starting to rebuild nicely.

Take out Saddam Hussein, using the excuse that he has weapons of mass destruction. Iran doesn't want a neighbor with nukes or chemical weapons, especially in light of their history with Irag, so they stay out of the fight, and so do most other nations.

The preferred end game here is that Iraq gets established as a solid nation based on a Constitution and Democratic processes. Iranian's look over the border, and say "Wait a second... How come they get freedom and we don't?" The masses rise up, regime change is effected, and the best part is, since they do it themselves, it is more likely to work.

Now I think we definitely need to change a few things about how we are fighting the war... For one, our soldiers aren't policemen, their are soldiers, and having to walk around the politically correct lines given them by the jackasses in Washington is just getting more and more of them killed. Let them do what they need to do. Secondly, Iraq used to be three countries... Britain joined them together into Iraq, and now we are trying to get 3 nations to co-exist, when their beliefs and feeling towards eachother are not ideal. I think we should investigate splitting them up again, giving each group the reins to their future, and let them get on with their lives.

But on the whole, while I have and will continue to point out the problems with the current administration, as well as the rest of corrupt politicians in Washington, I think that if this is their strategy, then they definitely need a hand for coming up with something good.


  1. That's interesting. I had never thought about any of that.

    I certainly agree about them not being police...

  2. This one kind of goes back to the point about honesty and integrity a week of two back. Whether intentional or not, ther was a lot of misinformation when all this started. I think that is the part that is starting to bite the administration in the butt.

    Of course I'm not sure exactly how I would have approached it... I would love to go visit each Muslim one by one, and tell them that they are being used by the terrorists. I like Islam, but this is a prime example of men using a religeon to exercise control of people just trying to do the right thing.

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  4. Rodrigo!! So what you are saying, is you would like to sponsor an effort to send millions of "Freedom Promoting T-Shirts" over to the Middle East?

    You are the man!!