Thursday, July 01, 2010

Suckfest Averted!

I was worried that this weekend was going to suck...

We've got a Church thing on Saturday which... Well the short version is, that it's going to suck, and suck hard.

Plus... Mrs. Koda spent most of last night up with a sick kid, and if her online diagnosis is right, it looks like we'll have that little virus around for another couple of days. Which is just great after we spent $25 for the doc to tell us that she's fine (102 degree fever) and he doesn't think there's anything wrong.

And it's my birthday this weekend, and I probably won't get myself anything, because our finances are in the crapper!


Folks, I stumbled across what may indeed be the funniest website of all time.

I'll post the link, but I should first warn you that it probably is not safe for work, small children or people sensitive to bad language.

All that aside, I just laughed myself silly, and about choked trying to hide my laughs from my fellow cubicle dwellers.

Happy July 4th Weekend Everyone!!!


  1. Happy upcoming birthday. Half my family has theirs this month too.

  2. Thanks Dave!

    Back when I live in the Southern Hemisphere is was right bang in the middle of winter, but I'm trying to make up for lost time now.

    There is also an ongoing debate about the exact date of my birth, since it was a different day in the US when I made my glorious entrance into this life.