Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Law of Institutions

I've been reading some interesting stuff over on another forum... It's made me think that perhaps the time has come for me to return this blog to being one of humorous observations, and resurrecting the Koda Think Tank.

The Think Tank isn't gone, it just got locked down a while back to try and appease some people who were out for my blood. Turns out it didn't really work, all the blog had served to do was to provide these individuals with a reason to come after me, something they have obviously been looking for for the better part of the last 3 decades. Now that I realize that and have seen their true colors, all I can think is... Screw 'em!! The people have a right to read my stuff, no matter how twisted and/or truthful it may be.

I need to do some housekeeping over on the Think Tank, but I expect to have it back up and running by the end of the month, open for any who wish to peruse the dark recesses of my mind, on matters religious and political.

Until such time as that happens... Let me whet your appetite with the following two thoughts. The first shared by an individual who goes by TheProudDuck and the second by ff42.

TPD's First Law of Institutions:

All institutions, unless restrained, tend over time to become run for the benefit of the people who run them.

Applies to corporations, churches, governments, unions, media -- pretty much everything.

Second law of institutions:

All institutions, unless 'upset', tend over time to become more and more extreme in a direction.

If a person want to 'climb the corporate ladder', they will note the behavior and philosophies of the people that run the corporation and attempt to emulate them (so as to get promoted). Overtime the leadership of the corporation (and all the flunkies) will become more and more conservative (or liberal)

Good stuff eh?


  1. hey koda, if you get a second could you write to me privately... got a question. thanks in advance if this is possible!

  2. Happy to! An email should be on it's way.