Saturday, November 08, 2008

Lies, Deceit and Vicious Attacks

My Hell People!!

Well perhaps I should catch everyone up... Proposition 8 passed by a very narrow margin on Tuesday. In a campaign which was dominated by mistruths and fear mongering on both sides, the people spoke and proponents won, thus depriving homosexual couples the right to be married. I don't agree with it, but first, I'm not living in California, and sometimes things turn out like the way you would rather they didn't.

Those supporting the measures are understandably upset because the Utah based LDS Church got involved, and have now begun staging protests at LDS Places of worship. LDS leaders are now saying that they think both sides should have conducted themselves with civility and honesty - which would probably have been better said many months ago, when they sent letters to all their congregations in surrounding states, encouraging members to get involved whereever possible. Many members have since resorting to email campaigns which have been full of untruths and misdirection of the issues. The Church itself and members of it, donated 77% of the money to support the passage of Proposition 8. I think you already know my opinion on the fact that this was a waste of money that could have been far better spent elsewhere.

Last night a protest was held in Salt Lake City at the temple which despite early reports that only a few showed up, ended up numbering in the thousands. My understanding is that the protesters conducted themselves civility and that there weren't even any arrests. But, the story was filled with quotes of Church leaders talking about being unfairly targeted, and that it's not right that their houses of worship be the target of protests... "We were just exercising our democratic rights...."

People... YOU SENT LETTERS TO YOUR HOUSES OF WORSHIP ENCOURAGING PEOPLE TO GET INVOLVED. These people weren't from California - It was a Californian issue, not a Utah, Idaho, Nevada or whichever state you tried to involve issue. People have a democratic right to protest your involvement, and I think it's very legitimate too.

Politics is a dirty business and when you throw your hat in the ring, you should expect to get some mud on it. Don't step outside the bounds of your religion and get involved in politics, and then complain that you're just a Church and shouldn't be targetted.

On other news, a Christlike member of my family decided to attack me on my Facebook page yesterday because I posted the 10 reasons why Gay Marriage is Bad. On another blog, someone who wished to remain Anonymous attacked me as well, and when then when I got to the heart of his argument told me that I was giving unintelligent answers and had the Philosophy of Satan in the marrow of my bones. I must admit, that I loved that last comment!

I'm not sure Christ is too excited about you invoking his name and then resorting to fear and lying to promote your agenda. The LDS Church also said that the protests are unfair, because the support of Prop 8 wasn't targetted against any group... WHAT?!?! You supported it because it would define marriage as only between a man and a woman, and the entire reason was to prevent Gay Marriage. It's as bad as your statement saying that this isn't anying against Gay People - WHAT?!?!

OK, so that's the last of my rantings about this on this blog. I hope to return to humorous anecdotes and obvious observations soon. Thanks for your patience with me!


  1. Yeah. This is out of hand.

    The reaction of so many members is not one of humility and penetence, but rather of hate and intollerance.

    Althought I dissagree, I don't think it is that bad to say that you don't believe they should be getting married.

    But it's all the anger that comes after that. The demonising of gay people. Throwing out bullshit accusations of "evil" to anyone who does not agree with you.

    To have an opinion on this issue does not bother me as much anyone on either side being hateful or hurtful about it.

  2. A-Freaking-Men Brother!!! That's an opposing view on the issue which I can fully respect!

  3. Oh how I wish someone would say I had the philosophy of Satan in the marrow of my bones, that's fantastic! Well done.

  4. But Morgan... based on the reasons I was given for the status of my marrow, I would have to say that you too have "The Philosophy of Satan in the Marrow of your bones".

    Does that work, or do I need to say it with actual malice towards you? ;-)

  5. That totally works for me - you're too kind.